Nation of Islam SD2021 Hip Hop Music Project

This is an independently operated effort to raise funds for the Nation of Islam's annual Saviours' Day 2021 drive.
Our talents may help save lives. We created this platform so that we may also assist in the pooling of our resources!
As NOI artist we understand what we're up against. Let us all replace fear with faith. Time to do for self!

100 Sermons: The Remix

We're ready to bring our talents to the world and it's all for Allah (God) who appeared in the person of Master Fard Muhammad!

Meet the Team and associates

Fard Abdul Saleem Muhammad

Chief Executive Producer, Project Manager, Film Director, Audio/Video Producer/Engineer & Hip Hop Performing Artist

Former Student Eastern Regional Social Media Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator; Student Coordinator of the Ministry of Science & Technology of Muhammad Mosque No.7; Enjoy Records recording artist; original Human Beatbox of New York City & CEO of God's Water Entertainment.  His credits include Fesman 2010, "Crack The Murderer" featuring Main Source & X Clan, also Grammy Award winners, Irene Cara, & Herbie Hancock's Dj GrandMixer DXT.  Brother Fard also performed exclusively for the Nation of Islam's Prison Ministry during visits to correctional facilities in North America. Today Brother Fard heads (as founded) Artistic Operations which provides pro audio, video, marketing, advertising, and web design services.  The Saviours' Helper Channel is it's community outreach program, it's focus is working towards a better society.

Hyram Abiff

Assistant Director, & Hip Hop Performing Artist

Born in a musical family, Brother Hyram is originally from London England, and held the posts of Student Study Group Coordinator and Assistant to European Student Regional Minister Abdul Hakeem Muhammad.  He now serves as the Student Asst. Minister to Student Minister Amon Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 34, North Carolina. When he first came on the scene, he was called by the name “Conscious Yoot.” He's known for his song “State of Emergency,” which was lyrically advanced with lines like “unwritten laws/world tours without a pause/bringing Aids and Ebola to Africa shores/careful of vaccines resist/might be an experiment infecting you with syphilis.” His most notable song was "Mark of Da Beast (666)". Hyram Abiff’s new album is in the making and his currently released song is  “The Visitation” which commemorates 90 yrs. of the Nation of Islam.  Website!

AllRounda Productions

Associate Beat Producer

Allrounda (Nicolas Scholtes), known as ‘Allrounda Productions’ & ‘Heat Up Beats’, is a Gold Certified Beatmaker, Music Producer, Audio Engineer & Rapper from Germany. His credits include various renown artists like ‘Crooked I’, ‘2Chainz’, ‘Styles P’, ‘Joell Ortiz’, ‘Jadakiss’ and many more!

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