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Events by Believers.

Interview with Farmer Cortney on the Saviours' Helper Channel

Can White People Make It To The Hereafter?

We interviewed Farmer Courtney who is one of the most outspoken Caucasian supporters of the Nation of Islam and the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan. Here what she had to say about the FOI, MGT & GCC, Master Fard Muhammad; Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan, Dr. Khalid Muhammad (RIP); the racial divide in America; How To Eat To Live; looking for love outside of your race based on pain; Black Farming in America and more. This presentation includes a special premiere of a new music video by FOI Rapper DSCPLE. Watch it here on the Saviours Helper Channel: Note: Due to an oversight or technical error, the actual premiere occurred 1 day early. We thank Allah (God) for his intervention as it was a huge success.

Your Immunity Project - Interferon Covid-19 Treatment

Your Immunity Project: Join The Movement Against The Coronavirus

Watch our 3 1/2 hour presesntation and 1st quarainteen broadcast with our guest Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad (the 1st Health Minister of the Nation of Islam) as your host Fard Adbul Muhammad (founder of the Saviours' Helper Channel)   talk about a proven  treatment for Covid-19.  
(Watch our replay here!)


The Criterion 

An event hosted by the Nation of Islam: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivers as message to the entire world from Allah (God)! A must see. The replay is still available for viewing at

Shouldering The Responsibility In The Fight Against Cancer

Shouldering The Responsibility In The Fight Against Cancer!

Watch our 2 Hour premiere of "Shouldering The Responsibility In the Fight Against Cancer" with our honored guest & inventor of a real cure for cancer Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green, founder of the Ora Lee Cancer Research Foundation.  Watch it here:  Donate to her foundation here: 

100 Sermons New Music by NOI Rappers - Saviours' Day 2021

100 Sermons

Friday, February 26th is not only the start of the Nation of Islam's Saviours' Day virtual convention but it's the date of our release of "100 Sermons" with music by Allrounda. Listen to it at or 

100 Sermons: The Remix by Saviours' Helper Productions with music by Allrounda. Saviours' Day 2021

100 Sermons: The Remix 

Sunday, July 4th witness the premiere of the music video for the "100 Sermons: The Remix" featuring commentary by Minister Farrakhan and a cull cast of FOI and MGT rappers.  Mp3 downloads will be available starting on July 4th