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The Value of Sexyyy !!!!
by Fard Abdul Saleem Muhammad
Jan 26, 2014

The Value of Sexyyy: What does SEXY represent? It represents the 100's of thousands of missing young girls who have been raped, sodomized, chopped up and even grinded into meat; Sexy also represents the Rihannas's who have lost their souls and minds in the world of sintertainment (you heard that 1st right here); Sexy also represents the women who feel that men shouldn't rule the world all because in truth they do not believe in God, they do not believe in man's authority and feel that they can rule them by way of their so-called sexy swagger; Sexy represents the role once played by Marilyn Monroe and has been passed down from generation to generation of slave bait to today's Nikie Manaj; Sexy represents the Jane Doe's of the world who have been offered to the Children of Yacub and have had their body parts sold on the black market; Sexy represents ignorance and the dumbing down of the male population by making him think that allowing his woman to dress this way is good for his reputation when in fact it informs his enemies that he is in fact weak; Sexy represents the death of your rise as a people; Sexy is not a word that would come out of Allah's mouth except to describe what you think you are; Sexy also represents the ignorant celebrities who allow their little children to dress like whores so they can inform their banks that they will continue to do the bidding of the false Jews in order to maintain their so-called life styles which are in truth ways to die spiritualy (Death Styles); Sexy is just too wack and detrimental to society, Sexy is not beneficial to anyone but a cheap minded fool who thinks less of his or her self long enough to violate the laws of the Bible, Torah and Holy Quran and earn themselves the anger of Allah (God). I prefer a virtuous woman and I thank Allah for giving me a blessed wife who is all that and more... I advise all brothers to seek a beautiful woman and leave the sexy ones alone in the cold of darkness to figure out why being sexy (according to this world of sinners) is not preferred by the good men who are in the covenant of Allah (God) who are not of this world. And to add to my point; Sexy represents the millions of children who can not read well enough to sustain their lives beyond a Welfare Check because their mothers who thought and think they were so SEXY wouldn't even check to see if they were doing their home work or present at school; Sexy represents the Millions of Crack Babies; Sexy represents the abandoned; Sexy represents the hoe/thot/whore; Sexy represents a woman's failure to represent her mind with courage; Sexy represents the millions of college drop outs who thought that it was more important to be sexy and accepted into a sorority than to have a 4.0; Sexy also represents those who think that a good man has to be an hard core MF and because of that they and their unwanted children by that same so-called thug end up used and abused; Sexy also represents the destruction of civility, respect for common decency and the false translations of the scriptures, for you yourself if you were your true self would be the living word of God, but instead you who feel you are so very sexy have become tampered with, and are no longer pure, and many of you don't even think that you have the potential to please the Lord any more; Sexy represents your idols, the way of the polytheist, and the lack of faith you harness which pushes out from your capacity to believe in a future without being Sexy to replace a true and beneficial future that involves total submission to Allah who is the living Ruler of the entire Universe! Sexy pleases Satan and those who are under his spell of authority. Sexy represents the women of little faith, that even if their faces are absolutely full of perfection they tell the world by being so-called Sexy, that what Allah gave them in that pretty face isn't enough, and they disrobe before all eyes. Sexy represents the mother whose baby is forced to look past her vagina to see her face because this mother is too weak minded and morally deficient to put on a decent and long dress, and when that baby grows up she will look down on her through 6 Ft of dirt, and bottomless shame. Gay fashion designers have raised the bar (with broken wrist) or should I say the dress of today's Sexy, and are driving all of you into a lake of fire which is a fitting swim resort for the guilty and rebellious funky she-devils, crappers (rappers who glorify sin in their rhymes, and drop crap on society with it instead of fresh rhymes of beneficial encouragement), pimps, playas, etc. The alternative is life, so I advise you all to choose to be virtuous and obey Allah and His Messenger. Being truly beautiful will always be better than being so-called sexy (as it is according to the way of this decrepit world of sinners). The sexy use the word's "All That" in vain because if you where honest with yourself about what Allah though of you the "that" in "All That" wouldn't be worth an ounce of fecal mater even if you put your most concervativly sexy outfit on. That is because where you draw the line, others will not following the lead of the world's fashion designers and trend setters who are paid by the death count of your souls, and so if its not good for society it is not good for any of us.

They "yyy" in the title represents; Why, Why, Why would anyone want to be catagorized as Sexy of this world after reading this truth, and why, why why would anyone give you respect if all you can say about yourself that you are sexy when being sexy (according to this worlds standard and definition) depreciates the value of your mind.

If the worlds sexy and virtuous were on a scale they would be on opposite sides just as they are miles appart from each other on the spiritual plain; virtuous would be the 10 and sexy would be the zero in my book.

And now read this excerpt from the book "The Message To The Blackman by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad" who said: "Finally, I must warn you against the devil's temptations, for they are seeking to make you unfit for acceptance into Allah's New World of peace, happiness and unlimited progress. They have made you drunkards from their wine, whiskey and beer and other intoxicating. They have made prostitutes of our women. They have caused some of our women to love other women and men to love men and practice sex relations with their own sex. They have our people addicted to the worst kind of filth. They have made you dependent upon filth and vulgarity for survival. They have made us eaters of the forbidden and poisoned swine. They have made us to have wicked, swearing mouths against the Most High God, Allah. But Allah knows the guilty ones, and you shall soon see the reality about which I have been warning you for the past 31 years made manifest in this rich, wicked world of Satan."

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