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Survival Kit List
By Fard Abdul Saleem Muhammad
Updated: July 12, 2020

This listing (below) will be updated regularly so please share it with your loved ones.

You’ll need a 1-3 Month supply of the following at bare minimum. Be advised cooking with spices may dangerously carry the scent of your food and jeopardize your security. If you cannot afford these items please contact your neighborhood schools or non-for profit organizations for information regarding free meals, survival kits etc. Google.com is a great source for information regarding disaster relief and emergency preparedness. For example if you use “Your city, emergency preparedness” or “Your city, free survival kits”, you may find more resources that can help sustain you and your family in the event of an emergency. Also check your school websites for info regarding local assistance such as in Houston there is the following website: www.houstonISd.org/healthalerts

NATION OF ISLAM COVID-19 RESOURCE HUB https://www.noi.org/coronavirus

Regarding mail: Open your mail the following day or two after its arrival. Don’t touch your mail on the day of arrival giving time for any viruses to die before you open them.
Non tax-filers stimulus check registrations: https://www.cpapracticeadvisor.com/tax-compliance/news/21133506/irs-launches-website-for-non-tax-filers-to-register-for-coronavirus-stimulus-payments

Check on your stimulus check: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment

Survival goods are available at the Nation of Islam farms and relative websites:
also www.muhammadfarms.com

Cuba claims to have a cure for the coronavirus according to this article “Interferon B, has managed to effectively cure more than 1,500 patients from the coronavirus.” : https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/cuban-drug-could-save-thousands-lives-coronavirus-pandemic?fbclid=IwAR3te8dkGi5czcCnaDbC1aeAjWBUAqzPgeSGqS6k3Sz9m3Pru8lfXohaPzM

Dr. Alim’s Website and Interferon based product which he and many other phyiscians claim is effective in treating & preventing Covid-19 and other viruses including HIV: https://abundantlifemarket.com/www.abundantlifemarket.com/paximune-dietary-supplement/

State by State Corona Virus Updates: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/state-by-state-coronavirus-news/ar-BB119PB3?ocid=msedgntp
Corona Virus Global Map: https://www.bing.com/covid?form=msntrk

Corona Virus Updates: https://www.emergencyemail.org/health/?utm_source=Health-Alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Health-Alert-3/18/2020&utm_term=gmail.com&adddate=10-21-2016

US Government Website for corona virus info: https://www.coronavirus.gov/

Corona Virus Symptoms: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

US Department of Defense; Corona Virus Update: https://www.defense.gov/Explore/Spotlight/Coronavirus/

Defense News: https://www.defensenews.com/
Free Diapers & Baby Care Products: https://life.gomcgill.com/jessica-alba-pledges-3-million-diapers-baby-care-products-to-help-parents-amid-crisis

My Survival Kit List
1. Purified Baby food
2. Coffee/Tea
3. Pasta
4. Rice
5. Honey
6. Navy Beans
7. Freeze Dried Oats / Oatmeal Cereal
8. Powdered Navy Bean Soup
9. Self-Canned Foods
10. Vitamins
11. Flour
12. Sugar (also can be used as an antiseptic).
13. Cream of Wheat
14. Lentil Beans
15. Away-Bags for each member of the family. Place them near the exits of your home. They should include 1 set of clothes, including socks and underwear, flashlights, Cell Phone, Batteries, shoes, Two-Way Radios, GPS. Use them in case you have to leave your home in an emergency.
16. First aid-kits.
17. No electric can opener
18. Chemical fire extinguisher.
19. Battery operated or solar operated radio.
20. Extra batteries for all devices.
21. Generators (Gas, or Solar).
22. Hand warmers.
23. Plastic for windows to help on cold days.
24. Propane tanks.
25. Solar heaters, coolers, usb chargers.
26. Satellite Phone.
27. Firewood, and starter fluid
28. 1 or more gallons of water stored for each day.
29. Juices
30. Extra eyeglasses
31. Mirror
32. Toothpaste
33. Deodorant
34. Tool kits.
35. Salt
36. Seeds to plant vegetables in your backyard.
37. Bar Soap
38. Pet food
39. Flare Guns with extra flares.
40. Vaseline
41. Skin lotion
42. Hair grease
43. Shea butter
44. Cooking oil.
45. Rope (you never know when you may need to, scale down a building or lock something after a break in and rope can be used to lock doors, windows, etc.) . Keep workman’s gloves near your rope to reduce burns when using the rope.
46. Ziploc bags.
47. Zip Ties
48. Garbage bags.
49. Baby wipes
50. Hand written phone book
51. Compass
52. Female essentials
53. Tents and sleeping bags
54. Wheat
55. Salt
56. Pampers /Diapers
57. Baby Food
58. Towels
59. Extra Blankets
60. MRE’s - Meals-Ready-To-Eat, Ready-to-Eat meals or Meals-Ready-To-Eat search the internet under “Survival Food” “Survival Kits” “Ready-To-Eat-Meals” or “Meals-Ready-To-Eat”
61. Flash lights / Lanterns
62. Canteens or like Water Bottles.
63. Gas Masks
64. Ponchos / Rain coats
65. Mittens / Gloves
66. Coats / sweaters / extra layers for the cold.
67. Gas
69. Cooking oil
70. Engine oil
71. Anti-Freeze
72. Prepare a clean trash can in your backyard with a sheer net over it to catch rain water. Use portable filters to drink it later after it fills up. Rain barrels, with diverters are also available online.
73. Books, Board Games, anything to keep your mind occupied.
74. Toilet Paper
75. Wood for fire places.
76. Gold is useful in the event of an economy collapse. I recommend trading a portion of your savings for 24K gold which is sold in affordable amounts at www.YouBuyGold.com and is delivered by FedEx. Affiliates receive an offshore account which connects to your current bank card so you can forward money to that account from America while receiving weekly payments in cash from referring customers who purchase gold. I’ve found success as an independent business partner and customer of #Karatbars and you can also!
77. Candles
79. Solar Operated DVD/CD/MP3 Players
80. Garlic and cloves.
81. Hand Sanitizers
82. Peroxide
83. Lysol Disinfectant 

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